Nuit Andalouse

Nuit Andalouse

A dreamy white floral centered around gardenia, the queen of tropical flowers. Nuit Andalouse opens with a sweet, delicate violet that perfectly sets the stage for the euphoric gardenia ahead, like a flower girl dropping petals before the radiant bride steps down the aisle. 

A sparkling orange note appears, clear and bell-like, which then blends with heady orange blossom, soft creamy vanilla and the luminous gardenia to create a fragrance with the luscious, but airy, quality of a mousse or semifreddo – smooth and delicious, but never too heavy or rich. Created by Cécile Zarokian, this lovely scent pulls off the difficult feat of balancing elegance and charm. It is as exquisitely feminine as the rustle of silk skirts and as light-hearted as a kiss blown in the wind. Rose and ylang ylang contribute to the lushness of the flowers and sensuous sandalwood and musk add cozy warmth. All of these elements are but supporting players to the gardenia, however – doing whatever is necessary to show off our sweet and glowing diva to her best effect. Romantic and lovely.


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