Isola Blu

Isola Blu

Docked in the Mediterranean, an exquisitely-dressed individual steps off a private yacht. A day of relaxation at a private Villa evolves into an evening of fine dining as the sun sinks into the ocean. A five star vacation captured in a fragrance, just one spritz of this sophisticated Citrus perfume surrounds you in the scent of endless summer.
Isola Blu is all about brightness and freshness. When you smell it, you are immediately transported to an island, overlooking sparkling waves, with not a care in the world. An enormous accord of citrus materials (lemon, bergamot and lime) open this creation with a bright burst of freshness. Behind the freshness, Champaca (a type of Magnolia), evokes a creamy sensuality (reminiscent of skin that has been kissed by the sun). Lavender and Pink Pepper add a vibrancy to this juicy/addictive fragrance. This is your invitation to Isola Blu.


Olfactive Family
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