This journey starts in one of the most amazing and mysterious places that Italy hosts or perhaps I should say hides: Matera is known as the city of the Stones, because of the peculiar and unique nature of its historical centre. Dug and built next to the Gravina di Matera, there is a deep gorge that divides the country into two. The Sassi di Matera, the areas that make up the old part of the city, are spread in two valleys that are east-facing and are slightly lower that the surrounding areas, and they are separated from each other by the rocky spur of Civita. This enviable position has made it the invisible city to the eyes of its enemies for thousands of years, allowing it to pass almost unscathed through centuries of history. The Sasso Barisano, north-west-facing on the edge of a cliff, if we take the Civita as our reference point, the centre of the old city, is the richest in friezes and carved portals that hide its underground heart. The Sasso Caveoso, which is south facing, is laid out like a Roman amphitheatre, with cave-houses that go down in steps. Perhaps it takes its name from the caves and classical theatres. Perhaps it takes its name from the caves and classical theatres. Together they form the urban core of ancient Matera, declared by UNESCO to be a cultural landscape. A place that most looks like an inhabited moon that any of the others that we enjoyed exploring as children. Enclosed in this perfume extract is the dream that each of us has had at least once in our lives: to live on the Moon. Guests in these cave-houses that were carved by hand hundreds of years ago in the hard rock, warmed by the cosy fireplace and vibrant chimney, this perfume is as strong and hard as the stone that lives in this hidden land! From a small window overlooking the valley a huge red moon rose that, from the skylight, due to the perspective, gave you the feeling that it was close enough to touch. Opening the window and reaching out with your palm facing upwards there was a real sense of being able to hold that indecipherable satellite. From this experience comes a poignant extrait de parfum with as dark a character as the phenomenon just described. A perfume that at first almost sycophant and graceful, but a moment later whisks you away forever. A fragrance whose scent continues for days after its been worn, hidden as the city of the Sassi but when you least expect it, its true beauty appears. Even today we are surprised by this creation because every time creates new sensations.


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