This work was inspired by the discovery of a Constellation, that of the Vela, visible from a faraway country, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern hemisphere. It tells the tale of a land that appears exotic and mysterious in the eyes of two children who, for the very first time, prepared to face a long, adventurous journey. Indeed, for the very first time, Paolo and Tiziana were travelling to the unknown land where their Aunt Marzia lived, sister of their father Evelino and daughter of their beloved grandparents: extravagant Brazil. As soon as they began preparing for the trip, the air around them felt electric and everything they saw or touched had the scent of adventure. A true voyage of discovery that would change their lives forever. A real journey of exploration, like those made by the explorers they dreamed about when reading their most imaginative books. They would be catching a plane for the first time ever, soaring above a sky they had never seen before, skimming over Rio de Janeiro, and then nosing up towards Salvador de Bahia: The blackest city of Brazil where centuries-old tradition is more alive and deep rooted than in any other part of this land, kidnapping the soul and instantly creating a sort of loss... a saudade. Upon their arrival they were smothered in hugs by their aunt and her family who were waiting for them. And their journey of discovery in one of the most magical places on the planet began. A place where nature merges with traditions and traditions in turn blend into the rhythm of life. Where everything ticks along at the natural speed of the sun and quietens down when the phases of the moon come gently into play, shining pale light over the landscape. Paolo and Tiziana went to their aunt and uncle's holiday home, surrounded by a large garden where a huge bonfire was lit at night and all together, in deep, cosmic intimacy, they would listen to the bossa nova by Gaetano Veloso and admire their grandfather's attempts at turning large chunks of wood into a home-made drum, to accompany these "new" syncopated rhythms which they had never heard before. A world of new discoveries was opening up unexpectedly in front of them, a world of new flavours consisting of dazzlingly colourful exotic fruits and a sky with more stars than they had ever seen before in their lives. And of course new, lush scents, which permeated and worked their way into every corner of their senses, until they pampered the spirit! Wonder was their faithful travelling companion throughout the trip and on one of those magical nights around the blazing fire, they encountered the constellation of Vela. Paolo and Tiziana felt just as excited as the intrepid explorers who had crossed the equator just a few centuries before and come across this beautiful sight, gazing at it in wonder for the very first time. For their grandfather, it was a familiar sight and he began telling its story. In a deep voice he told us that these stars form a true hoisted sail on the legendary boat of Argo who glided through the heavens with his fearless Argonauts!! Suddenly everyone present felt as if they too were “argonauts” and in their minds, set off on their own fantastic journey on the wave of the scents sailing around the crackling fire. This creation opens with a splendid fresh, fruity bouquet of top notes, marked by the wonderfully extra-sweet note of fig, embracing the freshness of its leaves and then falling back on the succulent notes of mango and redcurrant. This cool, frothy harmony lies on a bed of luxurious flowers, where the triptych composed of jasmine, white hyacinth and Ylang Ylang leave a bolder mark, contrasted by the sweetness of the Cajà fruit, macerated at length with heliotrope blossom, in line with the most ancient, secret tradition of the Terenzi House. The entire work is based on the characterising structure of Jamaican Pepper, blended with the sweetness of Papaya, Amber and Vanilla Pods and sustained by the strong scent of Caesalpina echinata wood, the famous red resinous tree known as Pau-Brasil, from which this beautiful land took its name. The beautiful iridescent light of the starry sky and the joyfulness of music are enclosed in this exquisite bottle from the magical Moon collection and will only reveal themselves to those with the fearless spirit of a dreamer, such as the Argonauts of Argo, wishing them: Fair winds and calm seas!


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