Jardins Humanistes

Jardins Humanistes

An explosion of white flowers in Garden of Eden. Enveloping and blooming with a slight peppery tone, this modern floral scent brings you into the fountain of sensuality and love. Fragile but brave, intense but not intrusive. Self-confident as our beautiful mother nature.
Ultra-sensual. We intensely feel its power of seduction and adorn ourselves with unfailing self-confidence.
Do you remember this keen sense of pure tenderness and love, when you find yourself in a fabulous blooming garden right after warm spring rain. It seems like the flowers are crying out for love, and you absorb this flawless beauty as the most precious gift. That’s what gives you Jardins Humanistes perfume.
What did Adam and Eve feel in their earthly paradise before being driven out? Humanist Gardens, modern interpretation of this myth, transcribed with imagination the scents of the Garden of Eden. This gives an explosion of white, green and gourmet flowers, punctuated with peppery and bergamot notes.


Olfactive Family
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