Narcotic Bohemic

Narcotic Bohemic

Paris by night.
Neo gourmand scent of the time when you are somewhere in between the dinner and going out in the city of light.
The mixology of flavors, cultures, sounds, music, spices and attitudes.
Some are eating desserts, others drinking champagne; a car stops next to you, and a beautiful couple gets out wearing black leather and shining jewelry… It rains a little and the roads are wet.. Life is beautiful. Life is NARCOTIC.
We get lost on a hot night on the boulevards of the city of lights. The pavement is still wet from one of those summer storms, and from the street rises the scent of cigar smoke, spices, and a little of the sweet notes of a dessert accompanied by a glass of champagne.
A gourmet juice, character, composed of gourmet aromas of coffee and tonka bean, which gains in depth with subtle touches of cardamom, clove and leather. Full and cheeky, Narcotic Bohemic eau de parfum is worn like a talisman, the promise of an unforgettable moment.


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