Eau de Parfum. “Trancoso is the fragrance that evokes, like no other, a very personal memory for me, from Brazil” says the founder of COMPORTA PERFUMES. Trancoso is the coolest place west of Meridian 10W! There’s no argument about that! Trancoso is a place nearby Bahia, Brazil.

More than 24 kilometers of golden beaches surrounded by palm trees and green mangrove swamps and, yet, it is the village with fisherman cottages painted in all colors of the rainbow and new boho restaurants and “pousadas” that reigns. You feel like you know everybody, there. You feel like you are the one, there. And you actually are the one, there. Trancoso is the ultimate getaway from South America, a boho chic atmosphere with a tropical twist. A Olhar Trancoso is the 9th fragrance presented by Pedro Simões Dias: “I am lying in a deck chair on the beach with a book on my hands and drinking coconut water. The smell of palm trees mixed with the sunscreen is all around me and the transparent and warm sea looks at me. I go for a swim…”

NOSE: Stéphanie Bakouche

A warm and fruity feeling by the sea, where vast coconut and palm trees sprawl across Rio da Barra, Irapororoca and Itaquena. The sweet aroma of coconuts and tropical fruit seduces us as we drive along endless deserted white sandy shores. At night, that smell leads us to Quadrado, where candle lights are strung up in the trees. Comporta is flirting with Trancoso.


Olfactive Family
Marine - Aquatic
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