Extrait de Parfum. 7:30pm, walking from the beach of Pego to Comporta, you are walking, your naked feet on the sand, and you have the goldish, sensual, carnal sunset in your eyes. 

In 2005, a young perfumer crafted a masterpiece of modern perfumery. I own hundreds of niche perfumes and that one was my signature perfume. Year after year, year after year.
In 2011 I began working on Comporta Perfumes, I thought calling her to create the mythical seventh perfume of the line, that symbolic number of grand perfection of all mythologies.  

A fragrance with her, this haunted me, but I could not bear her saying, "No!" and if she said "Yes!", I did not know if I was able to set boundaries so that she could create nothing less than another masterpiece of devotion.I felt that I could not have all she deserved.  So, we launched Comporta Perfumes with 6 perfumes.

One year later, I got courage and I called her!!!!

Stéphanie Bakouche has created OCASO.  This perfume embodies the late afternoon sun at Praia da Comporta. It is a bright and golden sensorial sunset.  Absolute oils of jasmine, tuberose, and ylan-ylang (these powerful white flowers that release their smell at sunset and early evening) were mandatory.  This fragrance also holds warm “accords” of spices, which gives OCASO more sensuality. 

This is how I feel it on my skin. Now, memories of 2005 are held together and I am at peace !!!. Pedro Simões Dias


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