A peach form pastry, with red, orange or even red-green spheres of the pasty with gourmand ambery brown cream inside is one of the favourite pastries from the childhood of Gabriel Gabor. This pastry originally contains Alchermes liqueur from Tuscany.   Arabic: القرمز qirmiz or kirmizi (قرمز)
Alkermes is a liqueur* that has always been used in gourmet pastry masterpieces such as the Battenberg cake or the Tuscan Pesche dolci, mostly in central Italy, with Arab origin. It was, however, the Spanish who introduced it to Italy. In Florence it was prepared in the Officina of the friars of Santa Maria Novella, where it was known as an elixir of life due to the medicinal aromatic plants and the red animal content.
This liqueur as one of the special ingredient for Alchermes De Gabor perfume is purchased from that well known company. The original liqueur is among its greatest admirers, Caterina de’ Medici who, once married to Henry II of Orléans, made the product known also in France, where it was called ‘liquore de’ Medici’. The first transcript recipe was in 1743.
The ingredients of Alchermes liqueur are more concentrated in Alchermes De Gabor as a spicy fougère perfume than in the liqueur itself. The little red animal content incarnated by burning amber and the fresh red Tuscan leather. The red saffran has proved medical benefits.


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