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Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition)

160,00 €

70 ml

Eau de Parfum. Woody, Aromatic. Same notes, two identities. Working the ingredient to express its full potential and meeting the challenge of composing two different eau de parfum with the same notes: juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander, musks, ambery woods and vanilla. The Gentle Fluidity duo was born of the perfumer’s imagination to offer two distinct olfactory silhouettes, for her or for him.

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Francis Kurkdjian


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In Gentle fluidity (silver), nutmeg and ambery woods are dominant and release a vibrant, comfortable trail. As for juniper berry essence, it leads to an ascending, ultra-fresh, aromatic note, similar to a “gin frappé” effect, balanced by the dry, slightly balmy, spicy notes of nutmeg. The base notes reveal ambery wood facets ranging from sweet and enveloping to powerful and dry.

Top Notes: Juniper berries, Nutmeg
Heart Notes: Coriander
Base Notes: Musks, Ambery woods, Vanilla

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Gentle Fluidity (Silver Edition)

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