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Le Secret du Marais | Perfume Sous le Manteau

Since the ancient times, the recipes of love potions were secretly preserved. Ancient formulas and centuries-old legends, they were meant to create desire that the other one could not resist. In the 19th century, these potions were recorded in pharmaceutical books and discovered in 2016 by sous le manteau.

In the gardens of the cloisters of the Middle Ages, monks and nuns cultivated medicinal plants and herbs. The perfumes identified in these plants were known for their salubrious virtues.
After their decoction, some of the herbs were distinguished by their aphrodisiac, and anaphrodisiac, qualities. The resulting recipes were preserved within the religious order, and were later transcribed in the nineteenth century for pharmaceutical dispensaries.
Ancient formulas and centuries-old legends, rediscovered in the pages of yore.

* Authentic 19th century love potions
* Made in France/ Excellence in all details.
* Collaboration with great artists & distribution through unique venues often undercover.
* For men & women
Crafted by Nathalie Feisthauer. Involved in the manufacture of perfumes from an early age, Nathalie has created great successes for Hermès/ Eau des Merveilles, Cartier/ Must for Men, many Comme des Garçons, Aedes de Venustas, Van Cleef & Arpels …

Now and then, officially or undercover, sous le manteau appears ...
for one night, a week, a month and sometimes longer.

The revival of these secrets... an inspiration born from the meeting of two beings then enhanced by the great perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, narrated by Frédérique Deghelt and revealed by the photographer and filmmaker Pascal Perich. The creation of desire within one that the other cannot resist.

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