Musk Oud

Musk Oud

Eau de Parfum. Musk Oud opens with a fresh accord of citrus, cardamom and coriander, a bright burst of spice that warms the palette and eases into the complexities yet to come. It is followed with an explosion of luscious rose, enhanced with rum extract to achieve a liquorish sweetness.

All the while, the star ingredient-- a sumptuous oud accord complimented by smoky incense and earthy patchouli-- develops step by step alongside a proprietary blend of captive Firmenich musks to bring the composition to a beautifully balanced apex. The combination is a magical trifecta: A dramatic, velvety, altogether sensual fragrance whose animalic power continues to unfold on the skin, leaving a diffusive, sexy allure that lingers all day. 


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