Filled with confident joy, Papilio presents itself as a bright and invigorating fragrance. It opens with the clear citrus sparkle of fresh bergamot, which meets a complexly arranged floral accord. In the centre of Papilio, delicate magnolia and neroli unfold alongside the precious, powdery character of iris and softly nodding lily of the valley. They shine as a pensive floral dream, enveloped by heliotrope and hedione sounds. In her composition created for Puredistance, Nathalie Feisthauer succeeds in combining playful lightness and self-confidence full of character, which describe Papilio's inspiring nature. Precious woods and sensual vanilla flanked by tasty peach notes, leather and cashmere underline the appearance of her extraordinary perfume extract. The classic Puredistances bottle envelops Papilio's dancing sounds - whether as a handy spray or concealed in an elegant rosé leather case.



Papilio Poem by Jan Ewoud Vos

Fly Papilio fly,

Stop pretending, stop the lie,

Use your wings and try,

Fly Papilio fly.

Master of transformation,

Accepting every part of its creation,

Painted in a myriad of colours,

Papilio doesn’t need others,

to know its real vocation.

Accept the pain of life,

You can cry Papilio, cry,

But lay away from culture’s mercenary knife,

Fly Papilio, fly.

So much for perfection,

The world we live in is mere projection,

Papilio, red or green,

Simply shows its colours,

Is real and no machine.

Your wings might feel broken,

And you long fro a choice,

Please be outspoken,

And use your real voice.

When your world feels like bondage,

When life is close to hell,

Use these broken wings,

And leave the crippling carousel.


Don’t wait till later,

Fly now,

And embrace your true nature.

Olfactive Family
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