We met Andromeda for the first time, wrapped in His infinite beauty, thanks to a trail of bright, fascinating stars, while trekking on the Sibillini Mountains, located in a little-known, but charming, area of ​​our beautiful country. We were there looking for a natural and spontaneous event that can be considered a true miracle of Mother Nature.On these silent mountains a ritual takes place every year that is almost supernatural:the flowering. Between late May and early July, the Castelluccio plateau witnesses this important event.For several weeks the chromatic monotony of the grassland is broken by a mosaic of colours, ranging from yellow ochre to red.Although the "Fiorita" (Flowered) festival falls on the third and last Sundays of June, there is no specific day on which to enjoy this enchanting show.Every year it is in the hands of the seasonal weather and you have to know how to look for it because not everyone can find our scent. The species of flowers that dye the Pian Grande (great plain) and Pian Perduto (lost plain) in this period are countless. Walking along the paths you can find: gentianellas, daffodils, violets, poppies, buttercups, daffodils, purple eugeniae, clovers, shamrocks and many more. During this walk along the paths of the Pian Perduto, in respectful silence for the lush nature surrounding you, you are intoxicated with scents and colours that fill not only the eyes but also the heart and soul. During summer nights, at the spartan bivouac by a crackling campfire, your gaze sweeps through the red embers of the fire, and with it the soul begins to fly up into the big sky full of twinkling stars. A bouquet of citrus and fresh scents emits effervescent scents counterpointed by ylang ylang and jasmine water. A delicate freshness that surrounds you and is with you all day. A scent with a reserved, but at the same time firm, personality, ignited by the memory of pear nectar and white heliotrope, wrapped by the sweetness of icing sugar, cocoa and milk. The power of the places is contained in this precious ampoule of nectar making you relive the dream every time you wear it.


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