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100 ml

Eau de Parfum. The spicy attire that splashes the air around Comporta when we go out for dinner at Comporta Café, Sal, O Gervásio or Dona Bia

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Nose: Beatrice Aguilar 
This is the sound of happiness. That's how I always experience this sound. The cutlery that scrapes the dishes until the meal is finished, the coffee grinder in the background, the conversations that do not care about their tone, the wine that sloshes from the glasses casually, the wood of the tables. This sound of happiness sings loudly in the Dona Bia roadside restaurant, on the road that takes one to the beach, where the sea embraces the pine forest. And it is in the olfactory mix of pine and wine, wood and coffee, mint and black pepper that I discover this small place in the Alentejo. Smell of people and happiness, smell of a certain Comporta.
Ljubomir Stanisic, chef
Top Notes: Coffee, Mint, Lie de Vin
Heart Notes: Spices, Woody, Green Lentisque Accords
Base Notes: Anber, Incense

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