To celebrate their new musical pairing Duo, lead singer of acclaimed band The Kooks, Luke Pritchard and his singer-songwriter wife Ellie Rose have joined forces with world renowned perfumer Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo to create LiTA, a stunning unisex perfume in a collaboration of scent and sound.
The perfume is inspired by the mood of Luke and Ellie’s upcoming album producing a dark and smoky aroma. With raw ingredients including patchouli, Ylang Ylang, tobacco, LiTA is available worldwide. LITA is a timeless, contemporary perfume, directed by prestigious creator Antonio Gardoni from the award winning Bogue Profumo. With a classic feel and modern touch, LiTA’s genderless and settled composition opens with a majestic overture played around a thick blanket of boozy, rumlike scents, masterfully combined with warm and spicy patchouli and a generous white flower bouquet. With sparkling aldehyde notes, it introduces a plush jasmine and ylang ylang tune with an impression of a moist gardenia and suede before releasing a sweet and sour amber note with hints of woods revealing burnt notes of vanilla remixed with civet, musk and precious flowers. Like a slightly dystopian love tale full of intimacy and oblivion, euphoric and blue memories, comfort and adventure, excitement and stillness, LiTA develops on the skin creating aromatic notes that appear and disappear in a circular, harmonious way.

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